Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life after London

london book

life sometimes feels like it ended.Without London it is so normal.I loved the days that we would hop on the tube and go with nobody knowing what adventure was coming up next.I loved the days that we would go on a walk in the woods with nobody knowing what story we would imagine.And now well their isn't much adventure.London rocks when you come to think of it. Everyone knows how much I love London.I love everything about London.I want to go back someday.

 london book

on the other hand normal is great! Now that you think of it, it is awesome of Corse  it is still cool! their are so many cool things to come to bloom.(That means spring!)Anyway LOVE MY LIFE! I have been learning to ski.I t has been rely fun! In to of the pictures I am getting ready for skiing.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Small Yellow Door

This is a story that I wrote after going to the Foundling Museum in London



In a corner of the Foundling Museum, tucked away and ignored was a small yellow door.  And in that door there was a small little art gallery. I know about the gallery because one day I went through that door.

This is how I found it.  I was new to England and I didn’t really know much about it, especially the elevators, I mean lifts.  My mom promised me that I could go down in the lift by myself.  I tried to do that.  Usually in America, the ground level is the first floor, so I went to the first floor but it wasn’t where my mom was.  So, I went down two more under, to the basement.  And there I saw a little table with some crayons and a some paper where you could draw stories.  I started to look around for my mom and just when I was giving up and getting quite nervous I saw a tiny sliver of yellow and a door nob.  I knew it was a door because in my house door knobs always go with doors.  When I got closer to the door I realized that there was ivy covering the door, but it wasn’t green, it was purple.  (That’s why I’m writing in purple).   The ivy kept on changing colors, to blue to red to what ever color I could think of.  I was starting to get a little bit more scared than I had been in a long time.  I was very close to the door by then, so I started to turn the door knob, but before I could even do anything it opened without me even turning the door nob.  I thought, hmmm, that’s strange.  So I peeked inside the door. Then I said, “maybe I should just go exploring in here and my mom will come down and look for me.”   This door was just my size so I didn’t know how high the ceiling were going to be so I ducked before I walked into the door.  But, as soon as I walked in, I noticed that the ceiling was way higher than I expected. I couldn't even see the top of it.  It seemed like a whole other world to me. 

When I saw what I was really in, I noticed that it looked like it was an art gallery.  Now, I didn’t really see any real portraits, but it did look to me like it was something like a portrait.  Before I did anything else, I just peeked behind the door, just to see if anything was behind it.  I said “fewf, there wasn’t, maybe it was just my imagination.”  When I looked further into the hall I saw that there was a staircase, I said to myself, “Maybe I should go down it.”  When I got to the bottom, it was just another hallway filled with other pictures.  And when I tried to look up again, the ceiling was lower.  I was getting really scared by now, so I looked everywhere I could, I looked in all the portraits and I just saw one portrait that really looked like a portrait.  The portrait looked a lot like myself, and it looked a lot to me like a mirror because when I looked around it moved around, but it wasn’t a mirror.  I thought that was pretty mysterious too. 

When I finally realized what it was, I saw in the corner of the frame, my mom looking all over for me.  She was about to go downstairs I could see in the corner of the mirror.    SO I thought that maybe I should go out, but then a feeling stopped me.  So I looked forward again and saw that there was another staircase, which i thought was very strange.  Now this was not a regular staircase.  I could see, in the bottom of the staircase something that looked like a person to me.  By now, I was about to scream my head off.  But another feeling stopped me.  I looked down again and saw that it was a ghost.  SO then, I really screamed.  I ran all the way back up the staircase, then I ran thought he hallway and there was another staircase and another and another and I thought this was very mysterious because I only went down three.  But I noticed something, there was a sign on the steps that said, if you go down these steps, you’ll never find your way back.  But I didn’t pay much attention to that, I just walked down.  Once I got to a final big huge room I saw all the portraits that I saw in the first and second and third hallways and they were all coming to life. 

Meanwhile when my mom was looking for me, she spotted the yellow door.  I really didn’t want her to see that because I wanted to keep it a secret.   She walked down the stairs and she saw the sign and she thought that maybe I was lost and she couldn't’ find me.  But, the same thing happened to her.  So finally she reached the room that I was in where all the portraits were moving and coming to life.  I was so happy, I almost screamed again.  Then, one of the portraits started singing, “Hallelujah!” and the others started being background singers and started singing, “We haven’t seen any humans for a long, for a long, for a long time!”  My mom and I thought this was very strange. 

Then one of them said, “Quite!” We need to stop singing, we need to get the humans out of here so that the witch ghost won’t get them and put them in a portrait like she did to us.  So they said try and touch us and then you’ll be back where you need to be.   Quick, before the witch sees us because she doesn’t like when visitors visit us because when someone touches our nose then we are set free and we all go back to where we want to be.

Quickly my mom and I touched all of their noses and then we just jumped in with them.  Then, we disappeared out of those canvases and it looked like they had never been painted upon. 
We were back to the outside of the yellow door.  And all of us flew free like we were fairies who had been trapped inside a witches evil tower (but that was not really true). 
Me and my mom got back to the entrance of the museum and we all went back on the tube to where we needed to get.  And, as for all of them, they all had a happy ending.  Especially me and my mom, we kept it a secret. 

Newsflash: Hazel loves Legos

I've just started liking Legos.  Ever since I got to England, well, before that too.    I absolutely love them.  I've played with them more than anything in England. 
For Eater, there was a new type of Legos that I got from the Easter Bunny.  And I played with them a lot.  Charlie let me borrow his Lego platform.  So I used it and I organized it into different rooms.  One room is for studying all about fashion designing and things because, did I tell you that the thing that I got form Easter came with a girl and that girl was a fashion designer.  She has a lot of accessories.  It was really fun building it.  She even has a lego laptop.  It came with a camera, but I lost that.  

PS. The reason why I'm writing this is that I feel like people still don't know that I like Legos and Charlie does too, but people know that.  
These are my two Lego girls.  I don't have any Lego boys, cause I don't really like them, at least I kind of like them.  

Again, I still can't tell you how much I like Legos!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hazel in London


I’m in London! I moved here a month ago.  In the past few weeks I’ve been exploring London and have been looking for houses.  A week ago I just moved into my new house.  It’s kind of exciting because we are just moving in and we don’t really know very many people but we are meeting new friends.  Yesterday Charlie and Daddy went to look for a car, which  made me kind of excited because we’ve been taking so many busses.  Usually if we were in Boston we’d be excited to take busses, but now that we’ve been in London for three weeks we’re kind of bored of going on busses. 

My favorite thing in London so far is Big Ben.  If you look up closely you can see that it would be a long time to climb up, but if you look at it from far always you’d say, “Oh it’s just a clock tower.”  But for me, if you look up at the tippy top you can see those teensy teensy windows that you can look out from and see almost all of London.  I haven’t been up there, but I’m pretty sure that it would look like that if I did go up there.  I actually did see a view of London on the London Eye.  We went on Charlie’s birthday.  We tried to go on my dads birthday but it was getting fixed.  So instead we went to the tower of London for the first time.  We got to see the crown jewels.  My favorite was queen Elizabeth’s crown.  One crown had a huge jewel on it, as big as my fist and it was super clear.  You have to go on a moving sidewalk so that no one steals the crowns, but' I’ve never heard of anyone stealing the crowns and I’m pretty sure that no one dared to.  (I think this is the best blog post I’ve ever written).


We’ve ridden on a lot of public transportation.  I’ve been on the tube a lot.  In fact, once I was so bored on the tube that I started spinning around on a pole.  I spun around and around and around until our stop.  I was super dizzy.  Momma told us not to.  Now there are lots of rules on the tube!!!!


We lived on Baker Street when we lived in London (before we moved into our house).  I liked living right in the city, but I do admit, I don’t REALLY like living in the city.  We had to go on the tube everyday and sometimes it gets a little tiring. 

IMG_1899I went to the Victoria and Albert museum.  We’ve been to lots of museums.  One was a science museum that I loved.  We had a rocket show that we were just in time for and it talked about what things it needed to make fire and stuff like that.  Science stuff.  It was very cool.  The Victoria and Albert museum was actually an art museum, but at the very tippy top floor there’s a place where you can dress up in things they used to wear.  So this is me putting on a thing that goes under your skirt so that it gets all poofy.  And, on the top you can see that I’m wearing something that makes me look more skinnier.  That’s what ladies used to wear.  I don’t remember what it’s called, but I know it’s poofy.  


ON the first day in London we tumbled onto a Double Decker bus for the first time.  When we got off, straight ahead we could see the Lions of Trafalgar Square.  It was so exciting, it made me feel kind of weird, I was thrilled because I couldn’t believe that we were really in London, for the first time in our lives (well, not for momma). 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Silly and happy things


Here is me and Emmeline.  Emmeline makes me feel happy.



Isn't this the silliest  picture ever?  Well I think it is. 



See me  wock to school?  I love to  wock to school!




Me and Emmeline are at the bech.  It was fun!




I  like BARHARBOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I





I built a fort for me to sleep in.  I think it’s funny that my feet are sticking out.  I guess I grew big!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Halloween times

Look at these pictures.  Can you find any Halloween things that had changed in my house when it was Halloween?  IMG_1225 There’s a clue.  There's a spider.  IMG_1226 Clue #2:  Look up at the lights!

IMG_1227Clue #3: look at the heater. Can you see anything?IMG_1228 Clue #4: can you see anything on the flowers?IMG_1229 Clue #5: Can you see the pumpkins?IMG_1230 This is me.  Taking a picture of myself.  That’s why you can see the little camera string. IMG_1231 This is me again.  I don’t really know if I’m taking the picture or if my mom’s taking the picture, but I do know it’s in the dining room.  IMG_1232 This is when me and my mom are making butternut squash.  I just started liking butternut squash, but since right now is Christmas time, I started a long time ago.

hazel and emmeline’s cuteness world

This is my baby sister.  She is my only baby sister.  I love her.  Me and her be cute together.  We play a lot in our new “work” room, but these pictures are from a long time ago.  IMG_1183Emmeline looks so silly in this picture.   IMG_1187 This is me and Emmeline.  Me and Emmeline are both wearing flowers in our hair.  Emmeline’s is purple and mine is brown.  IMG_1188 This is my mom wearing a pink headband that’s mine with a flower on it.  I took a picture of her just to match with me and Emmeline because they are all the same except different colors. 

IMG_1266 This is my brother Charlie.   Charlie was with his friend Saul.  They were trying to build a jungle gym from all of the bikes and cars in my backyard.  It was very cool.  I like taking these pictures because I just wanted to put them up on my blog.  IMG_1260 This is Charlie and Saul.  They are both on the Jungle Gym.  They made it a house but they call it a Jungle Gym.  IMG_1264 This is Saul alone.  Just like Charlie is alone in one picture.  He is putting his hips on his waist because he is glad that he made it with Charlie and it was all finished.  I’m glad he has a car on his shirt because if he didn’t than he wouldn’t be making a big huge Jungle Gym with cars. IMG_1267 This is Emmeline again in one of my favorite outfits.  She looks cute in this picture.  When I was taking this picture I thought about if I had bangs like my baby sister Emmeline, cause I like bangs.  But I don’t have any.  IMG_1277 This is Emmeline in another one of my favorite outfits.  She is smiling really big.  I think this is when she was just growing teeth, so she only had her two front teeth. IMG_1259 This is my mom and my Grammie and my grandfather.  This was when they were leaving.  They came because my mommy and daddy when to England, so that there would be someone to take care of us.  I liked having them there.  Once when we were eating lunch with Grammie, this wasn’t supposed to happen, but Grandfather just appeared at the door.  That’s why Grandfather is in the picture. 

IMG_1253I am in the aquarium with my Grammie.  That’s one of the places that she took me.  Look at all the penguins.  I love animals.  Someday I’d like to be a vet.  IMG_1256This is a huge fish.  I like calling it the big giant fish.  My Grammie told me that I shouldn’t have done it with the flash because if I did he’d just swim right away.  But I did do it with the flash, but he was too dark.  If I just put on the flash I don’t think he’d go away.  The aquarium I went to, it just went around and around and around and up and up and up until I got to the very top.  And they started it with penguins.  IMG_1258Do you know why I want to be a vet?  Because I caught a starfish once.   I loved the starfishes.  I caught two.  One wasn’t even alive, it didn’t even have enough water and I saved it.  I called the first one quatro because it only had four legs.  But the other starfish that I saved had five rays just like other ones do.  That’s why I want to be a vet because I helped one of the starfishes get more water and I watched it eat.  It was not disgusting, it was actually amazing.  That's what I said when I got it.  I was at cape cod when I got those two.  And then, at the end I had to put them back where they belonged.   This is IMG_1252

This is me and Charlie at the aquarium.  Can you see the penguins too?  Behind us?  We couldn't really see Grammie very well, but hopefully you can see her up in that first picture.