Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life after London

london book

life sometimes feels like it ended.Without London it is so normal.I loved the days that we would hop on the tube and go with nobody knowing what adventure was coming up next.I loved the days that we would go on a walk in the woods with nobody knowing what story we would imagine.And now well their isn't much adventure.London rocks when you come to think of it. Everyone knows how much I love London.I love everything about London.I want to go back someday.

 london book

on the other hand normal is great! Now that you think of it, it is awesome of Corse  it is still cool! their are so many cool things to come to bloom.(That means spring!)Anyway LOVE MY LIFE! I have been learning to ski.I t has been rely fun! In to of the pictures I am getting ready for skiing.

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